Cult Access ("Born Again")

By Faris

I’ve always been enamoured by BMX street bikes. Their shapes, colours and customisability caught my eye as a young kid. When I was 11 years old, I got my first skateboard from a friend and that was the start of a 9-year skateboarding phase. I met a lot of great people whilst skateboarding, learned some cool tricks and it taught me how to fall (hard) and get back up and try again.

Fast forward 13 years and this year I realised I needed a new hobby that would offer a pleasant disruption to my work life and teach me new things. I decided to finally buy a BMX bike. I spent months looking on my local Facebook Marketplace page for a bike that would serve as a project bike – one I could disassemble and re-build to understand the inner workings of every part. I woke up one morning and started perusing the Facebook page out of sheer habit, and I found a cheap Academy Trooper in the same suburb as mine. I picked it up the same day and got to work.

6 months later, I gave that bike to my brother, have successfully convinced six of my friends to get their own bike, had some great times riding around my city and am building up a second bike of my own, which brings me to this post - this is my Cult Access ("Born Again"). This once original stock complete I found on Facebook marketplace has now been given a new life. I am still waiting patiently for some other parts in order to complete this build (new stem and pedals), so I will update the parts list and photos as I get my hands on these. 

Still very new to the BMX scene, I hope to learn new tricks, build another bike and continue to have fun with my mates and meet new people. 

Part Brand & Name
Frame Cult Access
Forks Cult
Grips Cult x Vans Flangeless
Bar Ends Odyssey Par Ends
Bars Cult AK 10" Bars
Stem Cult
Headset Cult
Seat Cult
Seat Post Cult
Seat Clamp -
Cranks Primo Stevie 24mm Cranks
Bottom Bracket Primo
Sprocket Federal AMG Guard Sprocket
Pedals Cult
Chain Shadow Conspiracy Interlock V2
Rear Hub Cult
Rear Rim Cult
Rear Spokes Cult
Rear Tube Cult
Rear Tyre Cult x Vans Waffle Tyre
Rear Protector -
Front Hub Cult
Front Rim Cult
Front Spokes Cult
Front Tube Motive
Front Tyre Cult x Vans Waffle Tyre
Front Protector -


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