By bo

This bike has an interesting story behind it, and I guess because of this bike I had to have the S&M WTF bike as well.

This bike used to belong to my fellow rider from my hometown. He was known for building the most expensive, lightweight, and beautiful bikes. His bikes were appreciated but the majority of riders in our hometown. I, however, was in obsessed with this bike. The way it looked, sounded, and the way the previous owner made it look while riding made me want it even more.

After many failed attempts of me trying to convince the previous owner to sell it to me, life happened, I moved on and forgot about it. However, just the other day I remembered and thought I'd google "S&M LTF" to see what other people built with those frames, as I had no other photos of the original bike. To my surprise, I noticed a picture of the rear tire, which belonged to the bike! I clicked it and realized the bike was posted for sale on my hometown's local ad board. A few calls later and the bike was mine. I got extremely lucky because there was another person on the way to look at the bike with the intent to buy it. I was happy that I got the preference in the deal and was finally able to buy it.

The frame's paint has a lot of damage, which is unfortunate because S&M used some special thin type of paint that had a nice zinc (greenish) tint to it while being black. It will be impossible to restore it, but it is how I remember the bike. I will probably keep it that way for nostalgia reasons.

Now, the reason why I said this bike made me want to buy the WTF frame and fork combo is because of the chain stay tubes. They look so thin and elegant, and I've only ever seen the LTF have those out of all the available frames at the time. But then... I saw the WTF. With similar tapered, thin and elegant tubing and black hole dropouts, I fell in love and absolutely had to have it.

Note: I am still unsure about a lot of the parts on it, and I will populate the info as I learn more about them.

Part Brand & Name
Frame S&M LTF
Forks Fit Shiv v1
Grips -
Bar Ends -
Bars -
Stem -
Headset -
Seat Eclat
Seat Post Eclat
Seat Clamp -
Cranks Flybikes Dolmen v2
Bottom Bracket -
Sprocket Infect Titanium
Pedals Some magnesium pedals
Chain KMC K710
Rear Hub Madera Pilot with one Ti bolt :D
Rear Rim Primo Balance
Rear Spokes -
Rear Tube -
Rear Tyre KHE MAC2 Street
Rear Protector -
Front Hub Infect Titanium
Front Rim Primo Balance
Front Spokes -
Front Tube -
Front Tyre KHE MAC2 Dirt
Front Protector -


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