By bo

I fell in love with S&M WTF frame and fork combo when I first saw its pictures at Interbike in 2009. Due to where I lived at the time, it was near impossible to get my hands on the set of this frame and forks, so I never did. Then I moved countries multiple times, and ultimately never had the chance to build my dream S&M WTF bike. 

By the time I was able to build the bike, S&M stopped making these frames and forks. I asked them to make a custom one for me, they said they couldn't because the tapered Japanese tubes used on those frames were no longer available. I even asked for the blueprints to try and make it myself somewhere locally. Understandably, my request was ignored given how ridiculous it was lol. That was the beginning of my 5 year long journey to get my hands on an S&M WTF frame and fork combo. After many failed attempts at getting in touch with sellers overseas, I finally found in the US and the seller was happy to ship it to me. Unfortunately, shipping the bike to Australia would cost more than the bike was worth, so my search continued.

Finally, after years of looking, one morning I randomly decided to search for "S&M WTF" on my local Facebook marketplace. And guess what?! This one popped up only 20 minutes drive away from me! What are the chances. I couldn't believe my luck, and I ended up buying it that same evening. This story was actually kind of an inspiration to start this website and let others share their bike builds and stories behind them.

Now that I've written it, it doesn't seem all that crazy, but oh well.

Part Brand & Name
Frame S&M WTF
Forks S&M WTF
Grips Odi
Bar Ends Odi
Bars S&M Perfect 10
Stem Tree Bicycle Co Collet Top Loader
Headset -
Seat Flybikes Rail Seat
Seat Post Flybikes Rail Seat Post
Seat Clamp Integrated
Cranks Profile racing 3 Piece
Bottom Bracket -
Sprocket -
Pedals Flybikes Ruben Plastic
Chain Shadow Conspiracy Half Link
Rear Hub Shadow Conspiracy BTR
Rear Rim Alienation Skylark
Rear Spokes -
Rear Tube -
Rear Tyre Eclat Fireball
Rear Protector -
Front Hub Shadow Conspiracy BTR
Front Rim Alienation Skylark
Front Spokes -
Front Tube -
Front Tyre Eclat Fireball
Front Protector -


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