Simple Weaver (Mark VI)

By bo

This is my original bike. Or rather what it evolved into.

Started with a humble $300 complete Stark bike, went through 5 iterations and became what it is today - Mark VI as I like to call it. I've owned this bike for over 10 years and it went with me wherever I went, including multiple countries and cities. Yet, it always helped me make new friends regardless of where I was and made my stay that much more enjoyable.

This is the bike that I've had a lot of success with, won a few competitions and learned a lot of cool tricks. To this day this bike keeps pushing me to learn new tricks and I can't imagine ever parting with it.

Note: some part prices are approximate, as they were purchased so long ago they are discontinued and no longer for sale.

Part Brand & Name
Frame Simple Bike Co Weaver V2
Forks Macneil Blazer
Grips Odi
Bar Ends Odi
Bars Simple Bike Co Jetset 8.75
Stem Cult Mind Control Front Loader
Headset Flybikes
Seat Primo
Seat Post Macneil
Seat Clamp Flybikes Seat Clamp
Cranks Flybikes Dolmen v2
Bottom Bracket Flybikes Bottom Bracket
Sprocket BRZRHD 25t
Pedals Flybikes Reuben
Chain Odyssey Tractor
Rear Hub Profile Mini (Custom driver springs)
Rear Rim Proper Bike Co Microlite Rim
Rear Spokes -
Rear Tube -
Rear Tyre KHE MAC2 Park
Rear Protector Proper Bike Co
Front Hub Profile Mini
Front Rim Flybikes Lunar
Front Spokes -
Front Tube -
Front Tyre KHE MAC2 Park
Front Protector Proper Bike Co


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